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Commercialising Science and Technology-enabled Innovation


Some of the biggest challenges, and opportunities, for businesses arise where business eco-systems are changing rapidly. To exploit these opportunities, businesses need to understand and frame emerging eco-systems and define the new value chains. This then provides the basis for identifying and calibrating new product, service and business opportunities, which in turn can provide powerful insights into the roles of key players, competitors, and technologies. We have been engaged in this actively over the last decade and have developed new tools and techniques which we are now applying for our clients across the six different market sectors we are engaged in.

The picture below shows several different examples of areas where we are helping clients to exploit new eco-systems and value chains.

We have been capturing many of the broader insights from this work and our broader research into changing eco-systems in Europe, North America and Asia. These insights, with further commentary on related techno-commercial and market-specific issues is available from the open Catalyzt platform ( , which has intelligent tagging to enable searchers to find relevant information quickly.

27 Feb 2015