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Commercialising Science and Technology-enabled Innovation

Channels & Business Models

Launching new products, services and businesses depends critically on getting the Business Model right. In our experience, this frequently needs experience and multiple iterations before a sustainable model is established. Business Model Innovation depends on harnessing the right mix of different types of revenues, not just product or service pricing. We have deep experience in designing and applying new business models across many b2b and b2c markets, including advertising-based and SaaS models.

Identifying and developing the best distribution channels is also critical for rapid and cost-effective market entry. We can provide negotiation support to create new relationships with the right partners who have complementary resources and capabilities, including channel partnerships, distribution agreements and joint ventures.

Scaling up businesses rapidly, the Chasm III challenge, depends on deploying the right resources cost-effectively: we can advise on the different options for scaling up clients’ businesses, including acquisitions where appropriate, and also provide due-diligence and support to identify the right target companies.

27 Feb 2015