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Building Technology Intensive Businesses


Businesses are now continuously bombarded with information about developments in technology, new products and services, and company performance. The real challenge for technology businesses is not access to information but maintaining a sense of perspective, coupled with insights about what these changes might mean for them.

We offer two services to our clients to address this need:


Catalyzt is an on online service created by our Core team, supported by specialist researchers, which assesses this plethora of information to identify the key trends, assess the overall impact of new developments, and discuss the potential opportunities and threats for technology businesses. Catalyzt is provided to technology businesses on a freemium model, which means access to the base service is free, but clients have to pay for premium content.

Bespoke Research & Briefings

Our Core team and Researchers provide confidential private research and analysis services to clients on a commercial basis. Please contact us to find out more. You can phone us or e-mail us at

25 Feb 2012