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Commercialising Science and Technology-enabled Innovation

Our Approach

Our experience over the last twenty years has shown us that turning ideas into commercially viable propositions has an underlying logic based on crossing three distinct chasms, which can help companies (and entrepreneurs) to deploy the right technical, human, financial and organisational resources to optimise the chances of success. The Cartezia Triple Chasm Model identifies 3 distinct chasms which need to be crossed to successfully create profitable products, services and businesses:

Crossing Chasm I requires an idea or concept to be successfully demonstrated in a working product or service; the main focus around Chasm II is in creating a proven and sustainable business model; Chasm III involves scaling up the proposition to achieve full commercial viability. In our experience the hardest challenge is in overcoming Chasm II, where the need to invest significant resources with a still uncertain financial outcome can often lead to a difficult risk profile for all ‘stakeholders’.

We synthesize new solutions based on our ability to innovate new products and services, business models and distribution channels. Our work fundamentally draws on shaping and calibrating the parameters associated with successfully crossing Chasms I, II and III.

27 Feb 2015