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Commercialising Science and Technology-enabled Innovation

Product & Service Design

Companies with a family of products and services sometimes find it difficult to understand the shape of their overall portfolio and to make judgments about re-shaping products, building new products and dis-continuing existing products. Even companies who are designing completely new products sometimes find it difficult to segment their offerings in a sensible way.  We have developed a number of  Product/Service Portfolio Analysis tools which can be used to understand the tradeoffs between strategic, financial and operational criteria, which can often help in defining high level product features and functionality.

We specialize in the actual design of new products and services, based on our deep innovation expertise; we also use a number of ‘systematic’ approaches including design thinking and brainstorming but much of our work derives from an intimate understanding of customer needs and behaviors.  We also work on ‘renewing’ existing products and services, Identifying where they fit with clients’ overall strategy and rationalizing the product mix through repackaging or sale. When conceptualizing new products and services we typically work closely with creatives, designers and technologists to achieve the best outcomes.

27 Feb 2015