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Commercialising Science and Technology-enabled Innovation

Strategic Ecology

Commercialisation strategy needs to start with a clear understanding of strategic ecology: understanding the overall commercial environment and the key drivers is critical when assessing the position and trajectory of a firm.

Our strategic ecology is based on twelve key commercialisation vectors: Market spaces; Proposition Framing & Competitive Environment; Customer Definition; Distribution, Marketing & Sales; Technology Development and Deployment; Product and Service Definition and Synthesis; Manufacturing & Assembly; Intellectual Property Management; Talent, Leadership & Culture; Funding and Investment, Business Models; and Commercialisation Strategy.

Most approaches to the development of Commercialisation Strategy over the last thirty years have focused either on market positioning or resources and capabilities. Given our interest in rapidly growing firms in dynamic markets, this is a critical vector for us, which addresses the trade-offs between the internal and external vectors.

17 Oct 2016