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Growth Strategies For Innovative Companies

Cartezia is based in Cambridge, England but works for companies in a wide range of markets and technologies around the globe.


We have provided strategic guidance and support for three decades to innovative science and technology-enabled growth companies.
Uniquely, this guidance is provided to companies at different stages of maturity, from early-stage ventures to scale-up companies and established corporations.

Our advice is based on a deep understanding of different market spaces, the need for strategic differentiation and the integration of different competences and skills, all underpinned by data-driven models of growth described by the Triple Chasm Model.

Benefit From Cartezia's Unique Advice

Guidance for wherever you are on your journey

Charting your path forward can be fraught with problems. Our strategic toolkit will ensure your journey is healthy and sustainable.

Uniquely it works just as well for start-ups as for large corporates.

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Data driven growth models challenging traditional approaches

Traditional growth models are backward facing, whereas our proprietary data gathered over many years, allows you to navigate through a forward-looking dynamic business landscape.

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Structured toolkit to test or inform instincts and hunches

Our Triple Chasm Model, developed in house, takes a very structured approach to ensure you stay on course at every stage. It will supplement, test or inform your own unique business instincts.

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What Do Others Say?

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"Provides a rare and inclusive data-driven platform to bring innovators, policy-makers, investors and intermediaries together for an informed and overdue debate on the creation of sustainable value, vital for our collective future"

Dr John Baits, previously IBM Labs Director, Venture Capital Advisor, Scale-up Mentor

"The challenge of deciding how to take new technologies to market, especially those with large disruptive potential, has been a major concern for me over the last two decades.


The Triple Chasm provides a new dynamic approach to strategy formulation and development, based on understanding the changing priorities for firms as they grow"

Dr Hermann Hauser, KBE, FRS, FREng, Serial Entrepreneur and Investor

"Uncovers barriers to how firms grow. Packed with new concepts and guidance on taking a customer-focused view of new products and services, the importance of business models, and the development of an overall commercialisation strategy"

Prof David Hughes, previously Chief Scientific Advisor at the UK Govt DTI, Board of UK R&D Society

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