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Strategic Differentiation Is The Key To Commercial Success

Being different from your competitors is vital for success, so defining a clear and consistent strategy for a growth company requires a more nuanced understanding of the relative importance of the key Vectors which drive growth. This approach is different from methodologies based on a limited number of drivers, which also promote strategies which mimic those of other successful companies.

The 4 external Vectors, 6 internal Vectors and 2 trade-off Vectors are assessed and prioritised uniquely for your company. We call them Vectors because they provide magnitude and direction to your growth journey and they will define the resource allocation required to achieve your goals.


This approach can assess you against a number of criteria such as other companies benchmarked, your objectives or how things have changed over time.


It is a dynamic method reflecting the need to keep readjusting to the constantly evolving conditions you operate in. The comparisons enable actionable gap analysis to be undertaken, so allowing you to refocus and re-prioritise on different Vectors in an agile way, keeping the company on course.

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